January 28, 2016


The AQoPA is Automated Quality of Protection Analysis of cryptographic protocols modelled in QoP-ML. The AQoPA performs the automatic evaluation and optimization of complex system models which are created in the Quality of Protection Modelling Language (QoP-ML). One of the main contributions of AQoPA is quality of protection analysis of complex systems which are modelled in QoP-ML (Quality of Protection Modelling Language). The complexity of models may result by e.g. a large number of hosts (actors) in the protocol flow which can be executed simultaneously or by a specifically defined order. Another contribution is introducing the new functionality which is the distributed systems optimization. The proposed approach can automatically answer the question what is the difference in performance between the created scenarios which is represented by a number of simultaneous clients that are used in the protocol.

For more information about AQoPA, please refer to AQoPA publication.

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